FWAGO Chapter Events 2017-'18


Friday,  October  27  at  8  PM

Recital by Colin MacKnight, winner of the 2015 New York City AGO Competition and Northeast Regional Competition. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, New Canaan. Reception to follow.


Sunday.  February  25.  2018,  at  4  PM

The  True  Story  of  Cinderella

Our host for this event will be Edwin Taylor, and I’ll let him tell you a little more about it:

“Warren Martin (1916-1982), professor of Music Theory, Music History, and Music Composition, and one-time conductor of the Westminster Choir at Westminster Choir College, Princeton, New Jersey, composed The True Story of Cinderella in 1955 at the students’ request for a May Day entertainment. What resulted is one of the most unique, inimitable, hilarious, incomparable, and endearing pieces of music I have ever seen, heard, or directed!Via a non-staged ‘opera’ for twelve stellar soloists, narrator, and page-turner/chimeur, performed in oratorio style seated with soloists seated in a straight line across the front of the stage, each standing to sing facing forward, not playing to or looking at each other, one is convinced by the conclusion of this wholly-imaginative work—with its many surprising turns—that the true story of Cinderella has finally been told. Composed specifically for musicians, the more musically educated the listener is, the harder one will titter, chortle, chuckle, and guffaw. Marvel at how the brilliant Warren Martin employed styles as beloved and diverse as Wagner, Mozart, Verdi, ragtime, the beguine, and more to reveal for everyone at long last the true story of Cinderella.

As the FWAGO Board requested this as a chapter-wide event, for chapter-wide enjoyment, hilarity, and memory, I look forward to selecting soloists from our various FWAGO churches for this fourth Fountain Music Series’ performance of this unpublished work over the last dozen years. If you have in your employ or know of a voice of Metropolitan Opera quality, please let me know.

One never forgets or gets over one’s first (or any) experience of Warren Martin’s The True Story of Cinderella!" - Edwin Taylor


Sunday, June 3 2018 at 4 PM

Chapter Annual Business Meeting and Social - Bertucci’sRestaurant, Darien. Other details of our 2017-18 programs are still being finalized.


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