Annual Renewals

(with sincere thanks to our Westchester friends)

Fairfield West Chapter AGO is one of seven chapters participating in a pilot AGO renewals program this year. If you are a Regular, Special, Student or Chapter Friend member of Fairfield West Chapter AGO, you should have received an invoice from National , either by e-mail (if they have an e-mail address) or snail mail. This invoice will cover your primary chapter (Fairfield West) and every chapter in which you have dual membership (even if that chapter is not participating in the online pilot). You may renew online with a credit card OR you may print an invoice and still send a check (maybe your congregation pays your dues) to National. Even if you renew by check, you should still update your data online, and we encourage you to do so! Any public library has computers you may use to set up a **FREE** online e-mail account (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and update your AGO account. Because Westchester County Chapter is also participating in this pilot, if you are a Dual Member you will also be able to renew online through your primary membership.

Please note . . . IF YOUR PRIMARY CHAPTER is NOT participating in this new renewal program, you will have to pay the old fashioned way (by sending a check to that chapter or using the chapter's own online access).

Please note that there are two separate menu options you should pay attention to. One is RENEW DUES. The other is UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. This is where you would update address, phone number, e-mail, positions, and other info for the directory and for our information. We ask that you please review this info when you renew. Even though we shared our most-recent database with national, there are still pieces of information that seem to have been passed along from some years ago (including chapter members who have passed along, either through a move or death!).

SHOULD YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS: please send comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions to me: [] OR to Bill Valentine (the national staff person handling the renewals) @: [].

ONE MORE THOUGHT: Have you invited your neighboring organist colleague to join the chapter (or if they already are a member) or to get involved with our chapter on a committee, the board, chapter program event, etc.? Your board has planned some events this coming year -- be on the lookout for the details (in your CLARION). We thank newsletter editor Genie Sherer for all she does to keep us informed!

Have a great summer!

Stephen Lewis, Dean